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What's false might be wrong

Punk as a search for female autonomy, continued

Punk, what's inside of it. Well anything of course, but some bits of it seem more meaninful when contextualized any further than others bits of it. That's why I would still stick the "pseudo" label onto some punx heads and brand them as fake.

Meaningful is content, period ... and looks certainly don't automatically create content. Next, applying the positive punk stereotypes of being multi-issued and concenred about stuff onto ones "image", doesn't necessarily prove the given band or individual to really be bothered with anything morally worthwhile.

A suggestion for the ultimate authenticity check of a real autonomous political attitude would be: look at the exact praxis of any punk band given or any individual punk and see how they live. If they fail their own idealistic standards just go ahead judge and stick it to them.

Some people just crave for any form of uneasonable fame and popularity - in society or amongst the people they interact with - and in the end rest their philosophy of life on the basis: "I first really have to make some money, and for that end I have to ( ... and a long list of the pro's and con's of being a pariah and too outcastish will start), and then I can do good for society, the animals and the environment (in that order usually) and be mercifully philanthropic".

Well we really do see it, what starts off as a rebellious move from a bunch of somewhat disorganzable individuals, ends up in a structured form of a self-regulated run on the same things the people once ran against at.

Anti Sex, '82 Electric Deads, Danish punk

Punks, antiquity, nature.

Giving in to positive nature.


Ripcord - The Damage is done, EP

outer edge politically impactful creativeness

left over reality and phantasy

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as a search for anyone's autonomy

Burnt Cross: interview.

The street as an organic place, hopefully to be dismantled by nature one day

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The Unwanted