No contractualism.

bindings, intersections

Punk as a search for female autonomy, continued

Felt and thought, you can't make a living of having a a truth speaking band. Autonomy means imlpies a rejection of the requirements society holds for achieving what's thought to be "progress". From "gender" to really being in "the world": jumping over the fence of genderism, to worldism

info a, info b. Exit-Stance, AR, punk. This band had some of the best Animal Rights lyrics. 'The Voiceless Now Have A Voice' should be checked out, too, by them.

The self.

It's what you feel generally, that the individual is out of the game, out of the system. And that's good.

Identity as a keyword.

Gender deconstructed by criticalness / rebellion. Aus-Rotten - Sexist Appeal

In what context do you place yourself?

between the borders

Punk as a search for female autonomy, ...

There are punk-bands and punks that I never really regarded as punks at all. Though the question really remains about what exactly someone understands as "punk".

Punk for me was ideally something that went entirely against the hypocritical laws embedded in society that would mute the individual. The focus of critical thematization could be more on the dilemma of governmental politics of might on one hand or that of social norms within society. The most interesting area of critique was of course how these two intertwine.

Ok, now we had bands that carried the image of being "punk" that in reality just kept reinforcing oppressive values, for example, such as sexism, who to stay with this example basically upheld the image of "manhood at its best" without perhaps even knowing they did.

I guess it's hard for a person, and even a critical person, to leave the boundaries that social norms place in front of you the individual.

However, the main difference that I see between bands which purposely used for example sexist stereotyping in any form to sell their music and bands that at least tried to break oppressive norms, is that the ones who chose an approach fundamentally critical of society at least gave the idea of a post ww2 era rebellious movement some credibility.

If punk is not rebellious, then the whole rubbishy conundrum about it seems little more than yet another teenage fad.

info a, info b. Distressed.

Hidden behind the old stories, punk, classicism, antiquity, feminism.

info. Six Minute War.

Bitch Tits.